1) Things that annoy me: Kids in Fanny shorts

As aforementioned, I’m a moaner. So, I’m not going to beat about the bush, this is going to be a bit of a moan- but I think it’s well warranted and I’m pretty sure you will too.

Me and my friend recently took a trip into town to the high street for a bit of an amble and a slouch around the shops.  There, I discovered slut clothes for kids.  To be fair, that’s not really how they’re marketed, but they may as well be.

Mainstream and popular high street shops had those hot pant shorts which were big for ADULT WOMEN this season- I affectionately refer to these shorts as fanny shorts as- let’s face it- your fanny almost, and sometimes does, make an appearance in them.  They are so high cut, you have to find specialized knickers to wear with them; so why, I ask, are these sort of items of clothing being targeted towards children as young as nine?!

It’s no wonder the likes of Jeremy Forrest are running away with schoolgirls when they’re so highly sexualised and dressed like some sort of harlot. Even Lolita would be shocked.  I’m not saying no one should wear Fanny shorts, but I for one would much rather not see children dressed like an extra from a Snoop Dog video.

I wore Forever Friends tights till I left primary school (and not just Forever Friends tights, I mean knitted tights covered in pink roses, bears and hearts) and this was partly because I was still so innocent, if not a little bit geeky.

This isn’t the first time this issue has been addressed but about a year ago, David Cameron joined in a campaign to see clothing less sexualised for children. That’s obviously working out… Also the highly controversial Cadeaux campaign featured in Vogue showed models as young as six seriously dolled up which came under strong criticism from t he public and industry insiders alike.

Aside from the underage sluttiness, surely these children must be freezing in their fanny shorts and crop tops?!  Stick them in a knitted dress and some Rocha John Rocha boots and bring back Tammy Girl where young girls could go to feel like they were dressing like grown ups but really everything was covered in glitter.

If you want to see six year olds in make up and designer dresses then here’s the link http://sharifhamza.com/stills/vogue-paris-cadeaux

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