Rain, Rain, Go away!

I’m a moaner.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m not- it’s a fact.

I moan about the temperature, moan if I’m hungry, about the amount of work I have to do, about how little money I have, about how much milk is in my tea, etc, etc.  Basically I moan quite a bit, but the one thing I think warrants a right good old moan about these last few days is the weather!

It’s absolutely disgusting.  Wet isn’t even the word! It’s torrential, sopping, depressing and tsunami like.

The relentless beating of rain on my windows is driving me mad.  The buses stopped running on parts of campus because the rain was that bad a couple of nights ago. It’s literally is putting downer of Fresher’s week this year.

Imagine the scenario: you’re excited for this night out, planned your outfit, done your hair, makeup perfect, heels on- then you look outside, realise you have to wade through a brand new stream thats just formed outside your flat before you can even reach the bus stop AND because you live in Lancaster, it’s too windy to put up an umbrella without that embarrassing inside outey thing umbrellas sometimes do happening.

I can stand icy cold, but rain is the equivalent of your toast falling butter side down, or realising you don’t have your keys, or being desperate for the loo when there are no toilets.  It’s annoying.  It’s irritating. It’s unnecessary.

The sun , to make matters worse, keeps teasing us with little cheeky glimpses of golden rays and memories of being dry and warm.  then goes on to run away, get back into bed and let the rain run amok over Lancaster.

All in all, I don’t like rain.  It means having to put my hood up so I look like the kid out of East is East with my permanently zipped up parka, and I swear car drivers splash through puddles on purpose to rub in the fact they get to arrive at their location in complete dryness.



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