Papa Don’t Preach – but I’m running away with my teacher…

If you’ve been watching the news recently, you may have seen the story on Megan Stammers.  She’s the 15 year old school girl who has run off gallavanting in Paris or round Europe somewhere at least, hand in hand with no less that her MARRIED 30 YEAR OLD MATHS TEACHER.

Somebody rented An Education from Blockbuster recently…

Megan Stammers was last seen with her teacher Jeremey Forrest in Dover catching the ferry over to France, canoodling shamelessly loved up and holding hands.

The 30 year old teacher is married and reportedly the affair with Megan had been going on a while with him reportedly writing a suggestive song about her and blogging about his morally problematic relationship under his stage name Jeremy Ayre.  The teacher is accused of abduction and there has now been a European arrrest warrant issued for him meaning any police force around Europe will collaborate in helping catch him.

First of all, who is actually called Jeremy apart from Jeremy Cricket in Pinoccio, and secondly- Jeremy Forrest is minging! I’ve seen much better looking teachers in my time- though on the other hand he does teach Maths.

It’s also questionable whether Megan is as much of a love sick teenager ready to elope to France to be with Mr Forrest sir, forever and ever after her tumblr bucket lists emerges.  The list includes falling in love (check), having a song written about you (check), back packing around Europe (check), being on magazine covers (check) and trending on twitter (check)

It seems Jermey Forrest is just a one way ticket to tick off quite a large selection of her list- or at least, for a free holiday.

I feel sorry for her parents, they must be worried sick- but she’s a selfish teenager so her parents will be the last thing on her mind right now as she douses herself in Chanel no 5 under the Eiffel Tower.  His parents must be so embarrassed, but the biggest victim here surely is Mrs Forrest.  I mean, you’ve heard of being left for a younger women, but a school girl must just be taking the biscuit.

I remember when I was a pupil at secondary school.  There was this one teacher Mr Sumners (sigh), he was a substitute teacher but he was actually beautiful,  If Megan had run off with Mr Sexy Sumners, this chain of events would be much easier to understand.

My best friend managed to stealthily take a picture of Mr Sumners once. I wonder if she still has it…


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