#onthebookshelf Bridget Jone’s Diary Helen Fielding

I love Bridget Jones.  The film is pretty much essential to every girl’s repertoire of dvds, including others such as Love Actually, Pride and Prejudice, The Notebook and Mean Girls so it was interesting to read the book.

I was surprised to find out that Helen Fielding’s novel was actually the biggest selling book of the ’90’s.  though as I started reading it wasn’t hard to see why. It was funny, charming, Daniel Cleaver was an absolute arse and Darcy a complete cutie.

Similarly to the film, Bridget’s character is so easy to fall head over heels in love with.  Her honesty is biting and oh, so relatable and I defy you not to see more than a little but of yourself in Bridget.

Her mother in the other hand, is not something they got quite perfectly right in the otherwise brilliant film., in the book you just hate her! She’s self absorbed to the maximum and her little jibes at Bridget make it easy to see why our heroine is the way she is.

In my opinion, Bridget’s character, brilliantly brought to life by Fielding, makes her one of the most iconic figures of modern literature.  Her honesty about herself, her relationships with friends, her career and self image is not only engaging on a social level, but a personal one too.  Fielding melds comment on politics, feminism and society flawlessly through the uncertainty of Bridget’s future constantly whilst always keeping the tone light and humorous.

The obvious parallels between Feilding’s novel and the classic Pride and Prejudice also help affirm it as not only a modern classic but one that comments on the politics of feminism in an age where women and their roles are changing.

All in all, a five star read.  It was a nice change from reading what I’m meant to be reading too, if not a bit naughty for not sticking to my reading list so close to term.  A delicious indulgence where it’s Bridget doing everything wrong for once, and not me. although, she does get her Mr Darcy in the end so she must have been doing something right

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