Nervous Mess: Pre-Conor Maynard interview nerves

In less than twenty four hours I will actually be interviewing a real life celebrity.  not z list, not c list but full on, touring, award winning, topping the album chart Conor Maynard.

I’m literally dying of nerves already

I’ve researched him thoroughly- seriously, I’ve seen the inside of his childhood home (in a non creepy way) (just realised there can not be a non creepy way to my afore mentioned sentence) and watched his videos on repeat.

10 minutes ago I had my sister pretend to be him while I interviewed her.  My dad walked in on us and I felt dirty and ashamed. But how else am i to know what to do?

Its my first interview and I’m so nervous! I think I may develop a stutter/turn mute if I go to sleep! What if  i freeze up? What if I say something totally cringe worthy? Ahhhh!

Anyway, it’s pretty cool to be interviewing someone who made something of himself and literally got himself noticed by the people  that counts.

If I don’t do something totally embarrassing tomorrow and make it through the fifteen minute interview then I’ll post up the link for Conor Maynard’s interview for The National Student

Wish me luck!


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