Manchester, what is going on?

Manchester has been my home forever, is known for the rain, the Hacienda as well as a few notable other landmarks and famous people.

it’s a little rough around the edges, but lately the likes of Dale Cregan, police shootings, million pound heists and family feuding have left me feeling like I’m stuck in an episode of CSI. 

What is going on in Manchester?

It truly is crazy!  As if Dale Cregan didn’t look sinister and pirate like enough, with his one eye and blatant inhumanity displayed on his face, chucking grenades, killing two family members and two female police officers, it’s too worrying to even think about the fact that people have been harbouring the criminal who is a danger to all.

If the four tragic deaths were not enough, two clearly confident if not cocky criminals just saunter in to Selfridges, crow bar in tow, and casually steal a million pounds of designer watches while late night shoppers stand there flabbergasted!

This disregard for law, loved ones and life has left me feeling really worried for the society we are living in. Morals seem  to have deserted some people in Manchester at the minute and I’m hoping the realisation of the two lives of the people trying to protect us from such evils as Dale Cregan will make those few realize that life is precious and fragile.

RIP  PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bone.

And thank you to the police force who aim to keep Manchester safe and feeling like my home.

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