All of the lights

Blackpool illuminations 
On a whim, my family decided we’d make the trip down to Blackpool to see the illuminations the other day.  When I was younger, going to see the Blackpool Illuminations was a yearly ritual and something we looked forward to every year.  As we got older though, work, time and generally growing up meant that the annual trips to Blackpool dwindled away and was locked up in the box labelled childhood memories.  So, on learning that we’d be making the trip down to Blackpool to see all of the lights, the box was unlocked, the memories came flooding back and I was genuinely excited.
When we were younger, if we were going to see the lights, it was mandatory to go prepared.  Woollen hats, scarves and thick coats, flasks of tea and anticipation all had to be present and correct before we could set off.
On the way we’d play a game in the back of the car- the winner being the person who spots the Blackpool Tower first and when we got there, our faces would literally light up as bright as the illuminations themselves.
We’d wind down the windows to get a better look, inhale the cold, fresh sea air and be dazzled.
This year, we did exactly that.
The Blackpool illuminations have been a running event for a hundred years with this year marking its centenary.  There are over ten kilometres of lights ranging from neon, wood with light bulbs and lasers.  Originally, Blackpool illuminations consisted of 10 arc lights.  However, in May 1912, Princess Louise honoured Blackpool by opening a new section of the promenade and to mark this event Blackpool embellished the promenade with 10,000 lights.  This proved to be so popular that Blackpool council were convinced to stage the lighting display the following year- thus the birth of the Blackpool Illuminations.
The lights will be running till the 4th November 2012

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