I have baggage.

I love going on holiday- BUT, like all good things, there has to be something to ruin an otherwise almost perfect thing.
Packing was invented by the devil to ruin holidays.
It’s true.
I’m going on holiday in a couple of hours.  There are suitcases still strewn everywhere, unzipped and not looking like they’re going to shut even with furious jumping to try and squash everything down.
I’ve brought approximately 2 thirds of my wardrobe (only left jumpers and cardigans here) and I’m only going for a week.  Four pairs of shoes and three handbags, countless accessories- cos well, you’ll just never know what you’ll need.
I think next holiday, I’m going to take a holiday from packing and just bring bare essentials- you know- only three pairs of shoes instead of four, and I third of my wardrobe instead of two.
To be honest, although packing kind of ruins the fun of a holiday before you go, saying you’ll pack light, if you’re female, is pretty much denying you’re a female.  It’s just an impossibility.  Once you’ve brought you’re makeup and accessories and the whole of Boots- 20 kilos has been and gone.
Men- you have it down. T shirts, shorts,  recycled underwear, sunglasses and a hat. Done.
Holidays are great, once you’ve lugged you’re luggage through check in and seen the back of that baggage you’ve been carrying around bringing down all day.
Next stop- duty free.  I’m sure I can squash a few more things in on the way back….


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