Full Stops are meanies

Full stops make everything harsher
Full stops make everything harsher.
The fact the the full stop is the most tough, brutal, definite article of punctuation is well known.
In today’s forms of communication, it can be a deadly weapon.  This tiny dot of evil can be used to send venom across the internet and text message and is regularly employed too.
Take these two sentences in reply to a question:
1)      Ok
2)      Ok.
The first one seems innocent enough, open ended, easy going, just chilling out really.  It’s  not closing  the conversation, makes you feel like you can send another text without taxing the other person. Right?

The second one, is basically telling you to piss off.  It’s saying, “I’m not particularly happy with the conclusion this conversation has been brought too, but I’m being forced to accept this.  I’m  ending this conversation now cos I’m in a mood, if you send me another text don’t expect one back, I will pretend to be asleep.”
Alternatively it could mean the other person who sent the dreaded “ok dot” sentence just employs the use of really good grammar at all times, even for Facebook chat… (weird)
But I’m a girl, we analyse stuff that doesn’t mean anything, follow horoscopes and other stupid stuff we know means nothing so just go with it.
Honestly though, full stops on Facebook chat/ text message always seem unfriendly.  I don’t know what it is about them, but if there’s a sarcy text battle going on where you’re both pretending something isn’t wrong but it clearly is, the full stop is the ultimate weapon to whip out to get a couple of steps ahead.
Punctuation is a weird one when it comes to “chatting” over the internet.  The exclamation mark is the most popular guy in high school and the most versatile too.  Surprise, bad news, just the exclamation marks on their own can convey an array of meaning in itself.  Quite the multi-tasker really.
Speech marks pretty much are extinct as are semi colons and other more complicated punctuation, unless that is, they’re being used to create winky faces and other emoticons we now use to get our oh so complicated issues across.
Facebook chat example:
Yasmin: Can’t do tomorrow now :/ Can we plan something else?
Facebook friend:  Ok.
Yasmin: Sorry Lcan we rearrange please!!!!!!
Yasmin: !!!!!
Yasmin: !!!!!
Facebook friend: Ok.
Anyway, full stops are mean sometimes.  They hurt, they’re harsh, abrupt, frank, blunt. They’re just not very nice members of the punctuation community.  The comma on the other hand is quite friendly and you can have quite a long conversation with one of those.
Full stop.

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