Introducing: me.

my name is Yasmin Jaunbocus. I’m a Literature student at Lancaster  University from Manchester and I have decided to start a blog.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been planning to start one for absolutely ages, but the thing that stopped me each time is “why do I need a blog?” 

Not to be down on ones self but- I’m not anything that special. I’m not famous, not Einstein clever, not Sugar entrepreneurial and if I’m being completely honest- I’m probably pretty average. 

I’m going to use that as a plus however and hopefully it’ll mean I’m on the average person’s wavelength and you’ll all agree with my opinions whole-heartedly.

The thing that has convinced me to join all those other seven million bloggers out there though, is not unlike Martin Luther King I have a dream.  dramatic I know, but it’s going to be a bit of an anti climax as unlike Martin Luther King, my dream is much smaller scale.  I want to to be a successful journalist. 
I knew I shouldn’t have used the Luther analogy. Massively built it up.

The truth is- every other wannabe journalist- actually, every other wannabe in general has one of these and so I’m joining the flock so as to not get behind my competition and if I’m really lucky it might just give me the break that i need. 

Currently my journalism endeavors have not gone entirely swimmingly. My first article that got any real recognition ended up causing a right riot at my university and taught me to be clear and cogent in an argument is the first rule of good journalism.  To be called a xenophobe and racist after writing an article wasn’t the outcome I’d hoped for, but it’s a lesson that’s going to stay with me throughout my long and illustrious (hopefully) journalism career.

At the moment, in between a part time job at the golden arches, Maccy d’s, proceeding to my third year of university for my lit degree and being a general young person, I write for my university broadsheet SCAN (, The National Student (  and I’m about to embark on my third and fourth publication which I will hyperlink up as soon as that is up and running. 

I was also crowned the first Ether books 18-25 short fiction winner in 2012 for my short story “The Perfect Dinner” which beat global competition.  The  IOS app that enables devices to access short stories easily and on the move is host to authors such as Hilary Mantel and so it is a real honour to be part of something with established authors. My interview with the ether blog can be found at 

anyway this blog is gonna be full of stuff that interests me and hopefully you too: current events, fashion, pop culture, high brow stuff, book reviews and probably some insane ramblings where you’ll have no idea what I’m trying to say. 

If you’re reading this and decide to follow my journey to realising my journalist dreams then thank you. Wish me luck!

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